The Chef & I on Ninth

611 9th Ave. South

Nashville TN 37203

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The Chef & I on Ninth

611 9th Avenue South, Nashville TN 37203



Monday - Friday: 11am - Midnight

Saturday & Sunday: 10:30am - Midnight

About Us

The Chef and I is a love story.

We began ten years ago when owners Chef Chris Rains and Erica Rains met and fell in love. Shortly after, they founded The Chef and I. What started as a private chef service grew into a large scale catering division. Five years ago, the two opened their first restaurant in Lenox Village. Now, they are proud to move to the Gulch and share their culinary experience with all of Nashville. When you meet them, ask them to share their story. It's one for the books....

Restaurant Menus

Lunch for busy folks

Happy Hour with incredible craft cocktails

Dinner with tasting experiences

Late night small plates

Brunch for foodies

Experience the show kitchen!

First timers are always surprised at the level of engagement they receive from the chefs when they sit at the 24-seat show kitchen. Opt to sit there for your next reservation, and become part of the story yourself! This is one of the only completely transparent kitchens in Nashville (there is no back kitchen, it all unfolds right before your eyes.) Ask questions, learn about dishes, and watch the chefs create as you sip and dine and make new friends! You can request the show kitchen when you make reservations. We also have high top community seating, bar seating, and low top front lounge seating. You can have a different experience every time you dine!

Guest Experiences

"Stylish yet rockin'..."

 "Fantastic dining experience! This place completely changed my view on duck.  The new venue in the Gulch is stylish yet Rockin' with a very friendly and knowledgeable staff!  Shout out to the bar too!  Those signature cocktails are amazing!  The Dee Snyder is my fav!" ~ Hugh H.

"Best restaurant in Nashville"

 The Chef & I is hands down the best restaurant in Nashville. Not only is the food exquisite and creative, the staff is completely dedicated to making your meal an experience to remember. My husband and I had one of our first dates there 4 years ago and we've never had a meal that wasn't 5 stars. Not. Once. 

 ~ Heather M.

"Best meal I have ever eaten."

 "Hands down best meal I have ever eaten. Atmosphere is casual, music is great, cocktails are awesome and it is fun watching the chef's as they work. The Chef & I is a "must experience" for anyone who likes great food!" ~ Trudi W.